Oak Bay has long history of community organizations serving the residents of the Municipality.
An association formed in 1974, which was instrumental in the development of Oak Bay Volunteer

The summer of 2008 was when the germination of a Community Association in the Municipality of
Oak Bay took place, once again.

Meeting at the OB Rec Centre to support the initiative of both City Harvest and Food Roots to
hold a weekly market in Oak Bay was where the seeds were planted. Out of that brief encounter,
it was decided that a gathering of like minded folk here in Oak Bay will grow into a community
based organization.

On Thursday, June 19, 2008, a gathering of optimistic Oak Bay residents met with Saanich
Councillor, Vicki Sanders. Vicki, a passionate advocate of Community Associations, was more
than willing to share her knowledge and enthusiasm of the importance of a formation of such a
group. Local suppliers provided snacks which turned this initial meeting into both an informative
and social evening. This event provided an opportunity to meet neighbours, many for the first
time, and discuss common issues. The evening focused on concerns for the environment,
community planning, community vibrancy and safety.

A steering committee was struck and the seeds began to sprout. On a warm July evening in
lovely Lokier Gardens it was agreed to draft a constitution, hold an election for five directors and
incorporate as a non-profit society. Again, snacks were provided by a local cafe and kept the fun,
social aspect of our group in perspective.

September 11, 2008, in The Lilac Room at the Monterey Centre the constitution and by-laws
were approved by a crowd of 45 Oak Bay residents. Five directors were elected and will serve
until April, 2010. Our roots are becoming firmly planted here in our Municipality of Oak Bay.

On Friday, November 7th, the Community Association hosted an All Candidates Meeting for
the Oak Bay Municipal Elections in the Garry Oak Room of the Monterey Centre. This was a
standing room only event, and all eleven prospective candidates attended to make this evening a
great success.

Officially known as the Community Association of Oak Bay the Certificate of Incorporation was
received on December 19, 2008 – what a fulfilling way to end the year. The Directors met for the
first time on December 12 and have continued to do so monthly in each other’s home.

On April 22, Earth Day, the first edition of the Oak Bay Connector with a circulation of 7000
was distributed as a centrefold in the Oak Bay News, we hope to produce this newsletter on
a seasonal basis. On May 3rd the first Community Fair was held at Oak Bay Rec Centre with
12 Oak Bay organizations partnering with Emergency Social Services. Oak Bay Green Map
is progressing with backing of the CAOB, working with Common Ground and UVic we in the
fundraising stage of production. The CAOB has partnered with the CRD Bowker Creek Initiative
and looks forward to a community walk along the watershed from Oak Bay Rec Centre to the
sea on June 13th. The Great Canadian Beach Cleanup was held along our own Willows Beach.
A CRD meeting to discuss Sewage Treatment in our neighborhood was held at UVIC. The
summer break gave the CAOB directors a chance to prepare for a full fall schedule.

The 2nd edition of the OB Connector was distributed and the first annual Members’ Harvest Pot
Luck was well attended at Scout Hall. An Active Transportation Forum held at Windsor Pavilion
prioritized how walking, cycling, driving and public transit make up our Municipal transportation
desires. A Community Development Grant was developed and issued to OB Municipality to be
included in the 2010 budget.

A presentation to OB Kiwanis was well received and they will support the next issue of OB
Connector and want to help sponsor the OB Mapping project. The UVic Liaison Committee
is interested in how OB is handling the bunny issue. UVic Geography department hosted a
well attended OB Green Mapping evening. The 3rd issue OB Connector was distributed. OB
High Redevelopment Forum was held at OB High with all stakeholders in attendance. Further
planning session have taken place with Armstrong residents,OB Councillors and CAOB to
present community needs for the Neighborhood of Learning funds – a communication planning
session was held by the CAOB. The CRD is putting together a Cycling Master Plan and asking
for CAOB input.

CAOB participated in the World Health Day with a police escorted bike ride to Gordon Head Rec
Centre to celebrate the Shelbourne Corridor. CAOB received $1500 Community Development
Grant and announced $30,000 is designated for bike infrastructure in OB and $20,000 will help
hire a consultant for the OB High redevelopment. The Pesticide Ban in OB is before OB Council.
The Friends of Uplands Park to celebrate Garry Oak Meadows was established with a
partnership with Girl Guides, OB Parks & Rec and CAOB – an extremely well attended afternoon.
CRD is proposing a partnership between various community groups in Oak Bay and Victoria to
meet reduced plastic collected.

The early summer participation in the OB Tea Party Parade was fun with bikes, banners and
bubbles. Our occasional presence at the OB monthly market welcoming members to join CAOB
was worthwhile.

In September, once school resumed, CAOB was heavily involved in discussions of the
redevelopment of Oak Bay High with participation at the NofL forums, open houses and
charities. CAOB input was included in the planning and the community consultation was
appreciated by the architects. The annual Shoreline Beach Clean-up took place at Willows
beach, where over 100 pounds of debris was collected. Lunch was served to all participants at
the Kiwanis Tea Room.

The Oak Bay Green Map is progressing and most of the data has been collected, sponsors are
still needed to finish off this project. The Friends of Uplands Park held the 18th annual broom,
daphne and ivy pulls and CAOB joined in to eradicate these invasive species.

The 5th issue of the Oak Bay Connector was distributed in the OB News which helped promote
the 2nd Annual Harvest Pot Luck a very successful fun filled family evening for 100 members.
CAOB President invited to the UVic Legacy Awards of Excellence Dinner.
A dozen or so garry oak trees and native shrubs were planted on Tree Appreciation Day, in
Uplands Park. We attended the planting of 2 beech trees in Nottingham Park. A very well
attended 2nd Active Transportation Forum was held at Windsor Park Pavilion, and the rent was
waived by OB Parks and Rec. Application for a Community Development Grant was made.
Correspondence to OB Municipality re OB Lawn Bowling lease.


CAOB rack cards are on display throughout the Municipality, with the intent of increasing
membership. Plans are underway to hold a Services Fair in conjunction with MP, Denise
Savoie. Issue number 6 of the Oak Bay Connector included articles from OB councillors and
also promoted the first Earth Day Celebration ever held in Oak Bay, in conjunction with Friends
of Uplands Park. Our 3rd AGM, held in the Monterey Centre was well attended with guest
speaker, Saanich Councillor Vic Derman presenting his “Natural City” power point show. Michelle
Kirby was elected President of CAOB, but soon stepped down – Tom Croft will remain Vice
President – along with a solid new Board of Directors who will continue to lead the Association
in our Municipality. Plans for educational forums, cultural events and visibility in Oak Bay sound

Summer 2011 was quiet for CAOB. Front page coverage of Green map project in an August
issue of OB News. Participated in plans for the Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special
Abilities (CARSA) at UVic. In September, met with UVic Liaison Committee. Participated in
the national shoreline Willows beach clean-up. Attended OB Municipal Committee of the Whole
meeting with presentation on Active Transportation by CRD. Received $2500 from VREB for
OB Green Map project. Published issue 7 of OB Connector. Held Annual Harvest Pot Luck.
Request input from Uvic on 2012 Strategic Plan. CAOB Directors Corey Burger and Michelle
Kirby stepped down while running for OB Municipal Council. Organized two all candidates
meetings. On Friday, November 4th in the Garry Oak Room of Monterey Recreation Centre
and Tuesday, November 8th at Emmanuel Baptist Church the Community Association hosted
All Candidates Meetings for the Oak Bay Municipal Elections. These were standing room only
events, and all thirteen prospective candidates attended to make both evenings successful.
CAOB Director, Michelle Kirby becomes an OB councillor. Editing of Green Map progressing and
paid for. Tom Croft appointed co-chair on UVic Community Liaison Committee.

January, 2012 begins with the appointment of Tom to OB Tourism Committee and Community
Initiatives Committee and Tom, Jill & Lara appointed to the Community Engagement Working
Group. Plans to have CAOB directors act as regional reps and liaise with OB neighbourhoods.
Service Expo hosted by Denise Savoie held at Monterey Recreation Centre. Plans underway for
March 31 AGM. Gerald appointed to Active Transportation Committee. Washroom at Fireman’s
Park Open to public. Planning for Sunday, April 22 Earth Day walk from OB Municipal Hall to
Cattle Point to join Friends of Uplands Park. Attended Hampshire Neighbourhood Association
Meeting, encouraged their formation. 4th AGM held at Monterey Recreation Centre, well attended
with guest speaker, Dr. Trevor Hancock presenting “Creating a Healthy City”. CAOB Directors
appointed to new offices. OB Green Map printing 6000 copies.

We have many events to look forward to in the development of our Community Association,
including a web site, and collaborating with many Oak Bay organizations to give a cohesive feel
to Oak Bay. We welcome all residents of Oak Bay to connect, communicate, collaborate and
grow having fun with the Community Association of Oak Bay. Everyone in our community has
something to offer.

April 2012