Welcome to the Community Association of Oak Bay


A registered non-profit (community benefit) society, active in Oak Bay since 2008.

Our members are community-minded people who live, learn, work, and play in Oak Bay.


  • We promote opportunities for Oak Bay residents to engage positively in community, to learn about public issues, and participate in public conversations on how to make and keep Oak Bay a healthy, green, community that is socially and culturally vibrant.
  • We actively promote quality of life and strong, positive sense of community in Oak Bay.
  • We welcome volunteers of all skills to help organize events and activities.


Here’s our email address: oakbayconnector@gmail.com

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Recent News

Adapting to climate change


Join us Monday, Dec 2 at 7:00 PM at Monterey Centre.

Oak Bay Council has agreed we are facing a climate emergency and has activated a Community Climate Working Group, which met first on November […]

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Grow the Oaks in Oak Bay

Grow the Oaks in Oak Bay
The Community Association of Oak Bay in partnership with the Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture Department, is pleased to announce the launch of our “Grow the Oaks in […]