Embrace the Super Moon

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On behalf of the Community Association of Oak Bay, Ron Carter, Embrace the Night Coordinator says:

By definition, a “Super Moon is when the full moon coincides with having it’s closest orbit to earth and creating the illusion of being up to 14% larger  than other full moons. During our walk we hope to catch the moon as it rises over the ocean from the horizon.  Just a sideshow of course from our real purpose of a 1 hour stroll throughout beautiful Oak Bay minus the need of our “devices”. We also enjoy mingling and meeting new people while we walk far away from our evening chores, domestic ties and sedentary habits.

Starting Location: The Oak Bay Kiwanis Tea Room at the foot of Dalhousie Street in Willows Beach Park.

The Route (approximate): Beginning and ending at the Tea Room, we will walk along the eastern waterfront to catch the moonrise and perhaps a few new pieces of the summer art now in place.

Finishing Location:  Cattle Point Star Park back to the Willows Beach Park Tea Room for refreshments and treats by donations to Kiwanis.

Note: If you like, bring binoculars to enhance the experience to see the full moon up really close or catch some of the interesting feathered fauna along the shoreline.

Embrace the Solstice

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Embrace June 2014

President’s Message

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Dear CAOB Members:

As you all know we have done a series of workshops on the importance of the Official Community Plan (OCP) and how the community should be and stay involved. Well, now is our time to lead by example. While we are not an issue driven organization we can as residents and participants in our community make our opinions known on the Draft Official Community Plan. As CAOB we have put in an advertisement in the Oak Bay News encouraging residents to get out and voice their opinion on the draft OCP – this is where we go beyond the ‘post-its’. While this may appear early in the Council process of deliberations it is important to let Council know how you as a resident feel about the future direction the draft OCP is providing for our community.

I have always felt that change is inevitable (in most cases) and that it is better to be a part of the planning for change rather than reacting to it. Your voice is stronger in the plan development and the impact greater than if you had to react to a completed plan you fundamentally opposed.

So, in the month of June the residents of Oak Bay will have a few opportunities to voice their opinions to Council (June 9 and June 23) before the Public Hearing in September. On Monday, there will be about 20 minutes allocated for community input as it is a regular council meeting and approximately 3 minutes per presentation according to their Procedure Bylaw. Please check here for the Council agenda: https://www.oakbay.ca/municipal-hall/meetings-minutes/minutes-agendas/council-meeting-27 It has not been posted yet, but it is my understanding that Catherine Berris, OCP Consultant, will be presenting on the draft OCP.

I know that some of our Directors will be speaking as residents at the upcoming meetings. I encourage you and your neighbours to come and have a voice on the development of this very important document that will provide direction of Oak Bay for years to come.

Yours truly,

Kris Nichols
CAOB President

Official Community Plan Presentation

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June 9 Poster

Oak Bay Tea Party Parade

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The Community Association of Oak Bay is again participating in the Annual Tea Party Parade! Come out and join CAOB, Oak Bay Tourism and Mayor Nils Jensen with your decorated strollers, tricycles, scooters, or bikes! Together, we can build excitement for our Community ! Everyone is welcome, the more, the merrier!


We must be in position at 9:30 a.m. and will be judged at that time or during the course of the parade. Ribbons will also be awarded for children’s decorated bicycles. The parade will commence from Windsor Park at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday June 7th, and proceed through the streets of Oak Bay to Willows Park.

Oak Bay Tea Party Parade Route Map

Final Official Community Plan Open House

By , May 23, 2014 2:55 pm

Final Open House Saturday May 31, 2014

Oak Bay Rec Centre

1-4 PM

Residents of Oak Bay will have another chance to provide input and discuss the latest draft of the Oak Bay Official Community Plan (OCP) on Saturday May 31st at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre between 1pm and 4pm. This is the last scheduled public consultation event for residents to review and comment on the current draft OCP. The 2014 OCP builds on the foundation of the 1997 OCP and will serve as a key planning tool setting out municipal policies to help guide and adapt to evolving community needs over the long term. Following the Open House, a revised draft will be presented to Council in early June and will be posted on the municipal website over the summer for residents to review. It is expected that a public hearing will be scheduled in September.

“OCP renewal is a priority for this Council,” said Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen, who also has participated on the OCP Project Advisory Committee along with other Council members and residents. “The renewal of Oak Bay’s OCP provides a community-wide opportunity for Oak Bay residents to be meaningfully involved in managing growth in a realistic way and shaping our community’s future.”

The Chair of the OCP Project Advisory Committee, Councillor Pam Copley, acknowledges the extraordinary level of skill and commitment on the part of the Committee’s citizen volunteers who have devoted hundreds of hours taking up the challenge to bring the community together to create a common vision for Oak Bay. “Our goal throughout this 18 month process has been to encourage community input that informs and creates an inclusive, forwarding–looking vision for Oak Bay for years to come. Through the hard work and dedication of the OCP Project Advisory Committee, the 2014 OCP will be an important planning tool to guide Council decision making on priorities residents have identified.” The draft OCP captures how Oak Bay residents envision Oak Bay and articulates the critical factors that will shape our community in the future. Of particular interest are increased housing options, environmental protection, alternative forms of transportation, heritage conservation, preservation of streetscapes and neighbourhoods, and climate change.

For up-to-date information on the OCP renewal please attend the OCP Open House on May 31st at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre and review the most recent 2014 OCP draft on the OCP committee page of the Oak Bay municipal website.


Bike Day in Canada May 26th

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Bike Tweed RideDay in Canada is Monday, May 26th !
Bike Day in Canada, organized by Canada Bikes in partnership with independent cycling leaders, organizations and government representatives, will be held on Monday, May 26th, in different locations across the country.

Bike Day in Canada is about bringing together the public, cycling organizations and members of all three levels of government across Canada, to ride on the same day. The day is dedicated to highlighting the importance of cycling in Canada as a healthy, affordable and environmentally friendly form of physical activity, transportation and tourism.

For details of local Bike Day in Canada events happening on May 26th, 2014, go to:


Follow Canada Bikes on Twitter and tweet about Bike Day in Canada:
@canada_bikes (hashtag: #bikedayincanada)

Join Councillor Michelle Kirby for a Presentation on Bike to School

By , May 17, 2014 7:43 pm

P1060231 ResizeI have started to work on a Greater Victoria Bike to School Week, in an effort to address the issue of traffic and congestion around our schools, as well as improve safety for children wanting to cycle to school. I appreciate the support that the CAOB has shown for the efforts at École Willows School for the last three years, and I want to see that extend to all the schools in the region.

In order to get it rolling for next year, I’m bringing together many different stakeholders to hear a presentation from HASTe -Hub for Active School Transportation – on how to implement a Bike to School Week as they have successfully done in Vancouver and the Comox Valley. I hope that you might help by bringing your expertise and connections to this initial meeting and help us build some momentum.

The presentation by HASTe will be on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 1:00-2:30PM at Oak Bay Council Chambers, Oak Bay Municipal Hall -2167 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 1G2. After a 45 minute presentation, we will follow up with a discussion of next steps and an action plan.

So far, I have had an encouraging response from Island Health, the Saanich Police School Liaison, Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, our Oak Bay Active Transportation Advisory Committee, Municipal Mayors, Councillors and Engineers, School District 61 staff and Trustees, and many of the schools, private and public. I really hope to find representation from all of the police departments to participate, as HASTe tells me that the success story from the Comox Valley was due mostly to the leadership and support from all the stakeholders in that community.

Thanks for your support, and please share this with anyone you think might be able to help move a Greater Victoria Bike to School Week forward. Please send me an email to RSVP. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call me.

Thanks again,


Embrace the Night

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Embrace May


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Camas Day 2014

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