Final Official Community Plan Open House

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Final Open House Saturday May 31, 2014

Oak Bay Rec Centre

1-4 PM

Residents of Oak Bay will have another chance to provide input and discuss the latest draft of the Oak Bay Official Community Plan (OCP) on Saturday May 31st at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre between 1pm and 4pm. This is the last scheduled public consultation event for residents to review and comment on the current draft OCP. The 2014 OCP builds on the foundation of the 1997 OCP and will serve as a key planning tool setting out municipal policies to help guide and adapt to evolving community needs over the long term. Following the Open House, a revised draft will be presented to Council in early June and will be posted on the municipal website over the summer for residents to review. It is expected that a public hearing will be scheduled in September.

“OCP renewal is a priority for this Council,” said Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen, who also has participated on the OCP Project Advisory Committee along with other Council members and residents. “The renewal of Oak Bay’s OCP provides a community-wide opportunity for Oak Bay residents to be meaningfully involved in managing growth in a realistic way and shaping our community’s future.”

The Chair of the OCP Project Advisory Committee, Councillor Pam Copley, acknowledges the extraordinary level of skill and commitment on the part of the Committee’s citizen volunteers who have devoted hundreds of hours taking up the challenge to bring the community together to create a common vision for Oak Bay. “Our goal throughout this 18 month process has been to encourage community input that informs and creates an inclusive, forwarding–looking vision for Oak Bay for years to come. Through the hard work and dedication of the OCP Project Advisory Committee, the 2014 OCP will be an important planning tool to guide Council decision making on priorities residents have identified.” The draft OCP captures how Oak Bay residents envision Oak Bay and articulates the critical factors that will shape our community in the future. Of particular interest are increased housing options, environmental protection, alternative forms of transportation, heritage conservation, preservation of streetscapes and neighbourhoods, and climate change.

For up-to-date information on the OCP renewal please attend the OCP Open House on May 31st at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre and review the most recent 2014 OCP draft on the OCP committee page of the Oak Bay municipal website.

Bike Day in Canada May 26th

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Bike Tweed RideDay in Canada is Monday, May 26th !
Bike Day in Canada, organized by Canada Bikes in partnership with independent cycling leaders, organizations and government representatives, will be held on Monday, May 26th, in different locations across the country.

Bike Day in Canada is about bringing together the public, cycling organizations and members of all three levels of government across Canada, to ride on the same day. The day is dedicated to highlighting the importance of cycling in Canada as a healthy, affordable and environmentally friendly form of physical activity, transportation and tourism.

For details of local Bike Day in Canada events happening on May 26th, 2014, go to:

Follow Canada Bikes on Twitter and tweet about Bike Day in Canada:
@canada_bikes (hashtag: #bikedayincanada)

Join Councillor Michelle Kirby for a Presentation on Bike to School

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P1060231 ResizeI have started to work on a Greater Victoria Bike to School Week, in an effort to address the issue of traffic and congestion around our schools, as well as improve safety for children wanting to cycle to school. I appreciate the support that the CAOB has shown for the efforts at École Willows School for the last three years, and I want to see that extend to all the schools in the region.

In order to get it rolling for next year, I’m bringing together many different stakeholders to hear a presentation from HASTe -Hub for Active School Transportation – on how to implement a Bike to School Week as they have successfully done in Vancouver and the Comox Valley. I hope that you might help by bringing your expertise and connections to this initial meeting and help us build some momentum.

The presentation by HASTe will be on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 1:00-2:30PM at Oak Bay Council Chambers, Oak Bay Municipal Hall -2167 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 1G2. After a 45 minute presentation, we will follow up with a discussion of next steps and an action plan.

So far, I have had an encouraging response from Island Health, the Saanich Police School Liaison, Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, our Oak Bay Active Transportation Advisory Committee, Municipal Mayors, Councillors and Engineers, School District 61 staff and Trustees, and many of the schools, private and public. I really hope to find representation from all of the police departments to participate, as HASTe tells me that the success story from the Comox Valley was due mostly to the leadership and support from all the stakeholders in that community.

Thanks for your support, and please share this with anyone you think might be able to help move a Greater Victoria Bike to School Week forward. Please send me an email to RSVP. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call me.

Thanks again,


Embrace the Night

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Embrace May


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Camas Day 2014

Bowker Creek Rubber Duck Race

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Duck Race

Listen to CFAX 1070

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P1080358_resize“What Are You Talking About” hosted by Bruce Williams – Noon Monday April 28th!

CAOB President Kris Nichols and Director Joe Blake talking about the Community Association of Oak Bay.

Invitation Bowker Creek Design Charette

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The District of Oak Bay and the Bowker Creek Initiative are pleased to invite you to participate in a design charrette for the Bowker Creek Restoration through Oak Bay High School lands on Saturday, May 3, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Oak Bay High School in the East Building Cafeteria. You have been included in this invite because you are a key stakeholder in this area of the Bowker Creek Watershed and can provide meaningful input into the restoration of this section of Bowker Creek and in the creation of an important community amenity.


Bowker Creek flows from a 9 km urban watershed in Saanich, Victoria and Oak Bay.  The section of Bowker Creek which flows through the Oak Bay High School is currently overgrown with invasive species and confined in an uninviting gully.  In conjunction with the redevelopment of the Oak Bay High School, a restoration of Bowker Creek through the school lands is planned to turn this forgotten section of the creek into a naturalized, functioning riparian habitat, an outdoor classroom and an opportunity for educating both students and the public on the importance of protecting and enhancing urban streams.  The funding for this project is coming from a grant from the Gas Tax Innovations Funds.


A design charrette is an intensive workshop in which various stakeholders and experts are brought together under a collaborative approach to create realistic and achievable design ideas to address a particular design issue.  The purpose of the Bowker Creek Restoration Design Charrette is to bring together stakeholders from across the community to discuss design objectives, wishes and ideas to be incorporated into the creek restoration.  Results from this session will be incorporated into the Detailed Creek Restoration Design which will be constructed in summer of 2015.


The morning session will provide an overview of the watershed and discussion of the site and design issues.  This will be followed by a visit to the site to begin the process of developing design ideas.  Finally, the afternoon will involve small group sessions to further develop design ideas and finally, to discuss design options as a group at the end of the day. Lunch will be provided and a short break is planned in the middle of the day to watch the start of the Oak Bay High Rubber Duck Race organized by the Oak Bay Eco Club.


Participation in this design charrette is limited and an RSVP from you or your group is necessary for planning purposes.  Please RSVP by Monday April 28th to Nikki Curnow, BCI Coordinator (e-mail:; telephone: 250-360-3302) to let us know who will be attending from your organization.


We look forward to your participation and input and are excited to work with all of you to design and restore this section of Bowker Creek.




Jody Watson, Chair


Bowker Creek Initiative


Floor Area Review Public Consultation

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Gracious character home in prestigious UplandsWednesday, April 23, 2014 – 3:30pm

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Event Location:

Council Chambers, Oak Bay Municipal Hall, 2167 Oak Bay Avenue

The Corporation of the District of Oak Bay

Floor Area Review Public Consultation

April 23, 2014

Oak Bay is reviewing the Zoning Bylaw regulations governing single-family dwellings on standard lots (RS-4 and RS-5). The review is considering allowable floor area, massing controls, setbacks, and other guidelines that will impact how homes may be built or renovated in the future. The Floor Area Review Committee is seeking input and ideas from both the general public and industry. A prior input opportunity was held on December 11, 2013, where general ideas and recommendations were gathered, and those comments have been used over the last 4 months to help craft an early draft of potential regulation changes. This second opportunity on April 23rd will review the early draft and seek further input on direction.

Both session times are open to the public, although each will have a specific focus:

Session 1: 3:30-5:00 p.m. Targeted to Professionals: Planners, Developers, Architects, Builders, Residential Designers, or other professionals who have knowledge or experience with Oak Bay or other jurisdictional land use regulations.

Session 2: 7:00-8:30 p.m. Targeted to the General Public: those who have an interest in house sizes, allowable floor area, allowable site coverage, streetscapes, or other aspects of massing for residential properties.

Each session will use small facilitated groups for input and questions. You may also bring a written submission or notes to leave with the committee for review.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Attendees are encouraged (but not required) to RSVP to Marlene Baldwin, Building and Planning Department, (250)-598-2042 or – an information package will be emailed out a few days prior to the sessions with information on the early draft bylaw components as well as background information that will help facilitate discussion.

Embrace the Eclipse Thanks!

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Eclipse 2Hi all.

A big (albeit belated) thank you for the 20+ that came, intended to come or in some way supported the night walk last Monday.
Despite the overcast and no moon showing, the early walk starting at the Monterey Centre was almost double our previous attendance and turned out to be a nice brisk stroll primarily along Beach Dr. with a detour into the Native Plant Park to see the fabulous spring show of Fawn Lilies, Trilliums, Shooting Star, Camas etc.
Then back to the Monterey Centre to finish the mingle and warm up over some “Red Moon Cookies” before home to rest up for part 2; The Lunar Eclipse at Willows/Cattle Point. Well, as you know, that was an unfortunate bust and the generous offer of Kiwanis (Susan)for the Tea Room and the Astronomers (Mark) at the Star Park.
I did cycle down at 10 pm to the Tea Room and intercepted a few of you (2) brave strollers in the star/moonless blustery late night. We do hope to make this a future destination perhaps even next month. May is in discussion now with the organizers. Feel free to offer up suggestions cause we’re really winging it month to month.
Lastly, a big thank you specifically to CAOB, Lesley Cobus and Monterey Centre, Cindy at the Oak Bay Muni. Hall, Chris Sun and the Oak Bay News, Const.Rick Anthony with Oak Bay Police; Oak Bay Copy Centre and Fairways for their community event discounts.

Ron Carter
Member at Large

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