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CAOB Proudly Hosts – Bowker Creek Riparian Garden – Monteith

 “Riparian” means “beside the stream”.

 Visit Oak Bay’s native plant garden beside Bowker Creek.

 Volunteer as a gardener because…

 …restoring Bowker Creek is a great work, and we are part of it.

  • …the garden is a gift to future generations and the environment.
  • …even a wild plant garden needs care and development.
  • …gardening with like-minded people is a pleasure.

 Join Our Gardening Sessions:

2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 1-3 pm

Saturday or Sunday sessions may be scheduled by arrangement.

For information:   Contact Gerald Harris   250-370-0190

Where is Bowker Creek Riparian Garden – Monteith?

  • Beside Bowker Creek at Monteith Street
  • Across Monteith Street from Fireman’s Park

 A native plant gardening opportunity:

 “…a new public green space…”

Join the Monteith native plant gardeners, developing a new public green space in Oak Bay. A native plant demonstration garden is taking shape along Bowker Creek at Monteith Street.  The gardeners work cooperatively with the District of Oak Bay and Bowker Creek Initiative to create and maintain it.

 “…food forest…”

A theme of the garden is the “food forest”. Interest in local foods is increasing, and our local natural habitats produce wonderful edibles. Bowker Creek Riparian Garden – Monteith features native shrubs and small trees with good fruits for many creatures, including people.

 “…benefit urban agriculture.”

Urban wildlands also benefit urban agriculture. The garden shares its space with Oak Bay’s allotment gardens. Thickets of native plants are home to pollinators and insect-eaters that support garden productivity. The Riparian Garden will demonstrate the synergy between wild and cultivated urban lands.

 “…stream rehabilitation.”

The Riparian Garden also includes the bank of Bowker Creek. Creating and maintaining a zone of native vegetation on the bank is part of stream rehabilitation. It helps to implement the Bowker Creek Blueprint – a 100-year watershed management plan developed by Oak Bay and two other municipalities.


This is a volunteer opportunity for those who enjoy working outdoors, want to learn more about native plants and wish to be of service to the environment and community.

 History of the garden:

 “…invasive non-native plants.”

Downstream from Fireman’s Park, land along the right bank of Bowker Creek was overgrown with invasive non-native plants. Beginning in 2010, the land has been partially cleared, and prepared as native plant habitat and allotment garden plots.

 “…TD Bank…”

Oak Bay Municipality and the Bowker Creek Initiative cooperated to create the native plant garden, with funding from a TD Bank charitable fund, and volunteer work from community groups.

 “…Community Association of Oak Bay…”

The on-going volunteer gardener group formed early in 2012. The group joined the Community Association of Oak Bay late in 2012.