embrace the night

Embrace the Night started on Valentine’s night, 2014. We continue to rotate our walks on or close to the full moon. Like the moon, our numbers have waxed and waned over the past 2 years but all walks have been such fun taking us from our comfy couches to stroll in our beautiful community with like-minded folks. We come sometimes as strangers but leave vowing to continue a conversation with our new friends.

For our second walk of 2016, we get the longer day in the evening thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Still, we’ll start out early to catch the waning sunlight as the nearly full moon rises.

Let’s start and finish a little different than usual. At 7 pm. we will gather outside the Penny Farthing Pub on Oak Bay Ave. just east of Hampshire Road. We’ll take a route along Oak Bay Ave down to the ocean and along Beach Drive and follow a circuit that leads us back to The Penny. Just maybe we’ll be thirsty by then. They serve the best local tap water.

Starting Time and Location:

Tuesday, March 22 at 7:00 pm outside the Penny Farthing Pub

The Route:

East along Oak Bay Avenue down to Beach Drive, along Beach Drive and then back to The Penny.

The Purpose:

To walk in the twilight with great company, enjoy the health benefits and (fingers crossed) catch a beautiful Moonrise as we lose our daylight.

Finishing Time and Location: The Penny Farthing Pub, shortly after 8 pm.

If driving there, there is plenty of parking on and around Oak Bay Village that time of night.

Note: Personal reflectors will be handed out. Please wear comfortable footwear and hope for the best but prepare for worse, weather wise. We know you’ll have fun…..