Details for immediate release to Media and to our growing number of regular walkers on our mail list: The numbers keep growing. There were around 70 walkers of all abilities in September and what a treat we had to the last Super Moon of the Year.

We plan this October 9th walk to rely on the moon, a few Uplands street lamps, flashlights and the warm glow of smiling happy faces or at least 3 out of 4 if its overcast. Regardless, we walk. The moon rises just before 7:30 pm We will be walking north from Cattle Point along Beach drive to as far as Cattle Point and back to Cattle Point. During our walk we hope to catch the moon as it rises over the ocean. This is but a sideshow of course from our real purpose of a 1 hour invigorating stroll throughout beautiful Oak Bay minus the need for our “devices”. We also enjoy mingling and meeting new people while we break from our evening chores, domestic woes and sedentary habits.

Starting Time and Location: 7:30 p.m., Cattle Point (in Uplands Park) parking lot between the boat ramps Electronic Cigarette. Plenty of parking if you need to drive there. The Cattle Point entrance is located across from the new Uplands Park sign. If you’re coming from the South, drive/ride just a few hundred meters north of the southern most Uplands stone gates on Beach Drive.

The Route: Beginning and ending at Cattle Point we will walk south along the eastern waterfront (all sidewalk and relatively flat) to catch the moonrise. With the large number and diversity of speeds, we will be having at least two main walking groups. Brisk walkers will go as far as Cadboro Bay Beach and back. More leisurely strollers can follow the same route and turn around at the half hour mark approximately in the area of the Victoria Yacht Club. The purpose is to get the heart beating. The lungs filling and the blood coursing through our veins in a cool and beautiful environment

Finishing Location: Back at our starting destination of Cattle Point.

Note: Please wear comfortable footwear, prepare for the forecast and if you like, bring binoculars to enhance the experience to see the full moon up really close or catch some of the interesting feathered fauna along the shoreline.