In Oak Bay for August

Sunday, August 10, 7:30-9:00 pm

July Super Moon, Willows Beach, Oak Bay

embrace the night

By definition, a “Super Moon is when the full moon coincides with having it’s closest orbit to earth and creating the illusion of being up to 14% larger than your average full moon. During our walk we hope to catch the Super Moon as it rises over the ocean from the horizon. Just a sideshow of course from our real purpose of a 1 hour stroll and mingle throughout beautiful Oak Bay.

Start & End at: The Oak Bay Marina (Turkey Head) parking lot, south side, next to the latest piece of summer art by Chris Paul. The entrance to the marina is at the foot of Curry Road at Beach Drive.

The Route: Beginning and ending at our starting location, we will go south and follow Beach Drive to Shoal Bay to see another new piece of the summer art now in place. All guaranteed to get the heart beating and the blood coursing through our veins.

Details for immediate release to Media and to our growing number of regular walkers on our mail list:

Last month we (almost 60 strong!!) walked along our beautiful eastern shoreline to enjoy a clear warm summer evening basked in both sunlight and moonlight. How can that be semenax sperm pills? Well, long days and a moon that just can’t wait to show itself off is how. History repeats itself this month with a celestial/terrestrial treat/repeat. The second of three “Super moons” occurs on Sunday, August 10 and all citizens of planet Earth are invited to watch it rise as we walk….perhaps not all in the same location.

Starting Time and Location: 7:30 p.m., The Oak Bay Marina (Turkey Head) Parking Lot, south side. The Marina entrance is located approximately the foot of Currie Road at Beach Drive. Turn right (south) as you enter and come alongside the Turkey Head walkway to the newly erected spectacular piece of Indigenous art by our Internationally celebrated local Artist, Chris Paul.
The purpose: is to get the heart beating and the blood coursing through our veins.

The Route (approximate): Beginning and ending at the sculpture on Turkey Head, we will walk south along the eastern waterfront (all sidewalk and mildly undulating) to catch the moonrise as well as an other new piece of the summer art and perhaps play it, hint hint.

Finishing Location: Back at the Marina with perhaps a refreshment break at one of our participating businesses.
Note: Please wear comfortable footwear, prepare for the forecast and if you like, bring binoculars to enhance the experience to see the full moon up really close or catch some of the interesting feathered fauna along the shoreline.