Dear CAOB Members:

As you all know we have done a series of workshops on the importance of the Official Community Plan (OCP) and how the community should be and stay involved. Well, now is our time to lead by example. While we are not an issue driven organization we can as residents and participants in our community make our opinions known on the Draft Official Community Plan. As CAOB we have put in an advertisement in the Oak Bay News encouraging residents to get out and voice their opinion on the draft OCP – this is where we go beyond the ‘post-its’. While this may appear early in the Council process of deliberations it is important to let Council know how you as a resident feel about the future direction the draft OCP is providing for our community.

I have always felt that change is inevitable (in most cases) and that it is better to be a part of the planning for change rather than reacting to it. Your voice smoking cessation electronic cigarette is stronger in the plan development and the impact greater than if you had to react to a completed plan you fundamentally opposed.

So, in the month of June the residents of Oak Bay will have a few opportunities to voice their opinions to Council (June 9 and June 23) before the Public Hearing in September. On Monday, there will be about 20 minutes allocated for community input as it is a regular council meeting and approximately 3 minutes per presentation according to their Procedure Bylaw. Please check here for the Council agenda: It has not been posted yet, but it is my understanding that Catherine Berris, OCP Consultant, will be presenting on the draft OCP.

I know that some of our Directors will be speaking as residents at the upcoming meetings. I encourage you and your neighbours to come and have a voice on the development of this very important document that will provide direction of Oak Bay for years to come.

Yours truly,

Kris Nichols
CAOB President