The District of Oak Bay and the Bowker Creek Initiative are pleased to invite you to participate in a design charrette for the Bowker Creek Restoration through Oak Bay High School lands on Saturday, May 3, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Oak Bay High School in the East Building Cafeteria. You have been included in this invite because you are a key stakeholder in this area of the Bowker Creek Watershed and can provide meaningful input into the restoration of this section of Bowker Creek and in the creation of an important community amenity.


Bowker Creek flows from a 9 km urban watershed in Saanich, Victoria and Oak Bay.  The section of Bowker Creek which flows through the Oak Bay High School is currently overgrown with invasive species and confined in an uninviting gully.  In conjunction with the redevelopment of the Oak Bay High School, a restoration of Bowker Creek through the school lands is planned to turn this forgotten section of the creek into a naturalized, functioning riparian habitat, an outdoor classroom and an opportunity for educating both students and the public on the importance of protecting and enhancing urban streams.  The funding for this project is coming from a grant from the Gas Tax Innovations Funds.


A design charrette is an intensive workshop in which various stakeholders and experts are brought together under a collaborative approach to Buy Cialis create realistic and achievable design ideas to address a particular design issue.  The purpose of the Bowker Creek Restoration Design Charrette is to bring together stakeholders from across the community to discuss design objectives, wishes and ideas to be incorporated into the creek restoration.  Results from this session will be incorporated into the Detailed Creek Restoration Design which will be constructed in summer of 2015.


The morning session will provide an overview of the watershed and discussion of the site and design issues.  This will be followed by a visit to the site to begin the process of developing design ideas.  Finally, the afternoon will involve small group sessions to further develop design ideas and finally, to discuss design options as a group at the end of the day. Lunch will be provided and a short break is planned in the middle of the day to watch the start of the Oak Bay High Rubber Duck Race organized by the Oak Bay Eco Club.


Participation in this design charrette is limited and an RSVP from you or your group is necessary for planning purposes.  Please RSVP by Monday April 28th to Nikki Curnow, BCI Coordinator (e-mail:; telephone: 250-360-3302) to let us know who will be attending from your organization.


We look forward to your participation and input and are excited to work with all of you to design and restore this section of Bowker Creek.




Jody Watson, Chair


Bowker Creek Initiative