Eclipse 2Hi all.

A big (albeit belated) thank you for the 20+ that came, intended to come or in some way supported the night walk last Monday.
Despite the overcast and no moon showing, the early walk starting at the Monterey Centre was almost double our previous attendance and turned out to be a nice brisk stroll primarily along Beach Dr. with a detour into the Native Plant Park to see the fabulous spring show of Fawn Lilies, Trilliums, Shooting Star, Camas etc.
Then back to the Monterey Centre to finish the mingle and warm up over some “Red Moon Cookies” before home to rest up for part 2; The Lunar Eclipse at Willows/Cattle Point. Well, as you know, that was an unfortunate bust and the generous offer of Kiwanis (Susan)for the Tea Room and the Astronomers (Mark) at the Star Park.
I did cycle down at 10 pm to the Tea Room and intercepted a few of you (2) brave strollers in the star/moonless blustery late night. We do hope to make this a future destination perhaps even next month. May is in discussion now with the organizers. Feel free to offer up suggestions cause we’re really winging it month to month.
Lastly, a big thank you specifically to CAOB, Lesley Cobus and Monterey Centre, Cindy at the Oak Bay Muni. Hall, Chris Sun and the Oak Bay News, Const.Rick Anthony with Oak Bay Police; Oak Bay Copy Centre and Fairways for their community event discounts.

Ron Carter
Member at Large