The Forum held on January 25th was a resounding success.  Thanks to all of the members and public who participated in this event.  The comments we received at the event and the comments we received by email are very encouraging.  I am sharing Cairine Green’s email with you.

I just wanted to let you know that I thought today was an excellent preamble to our big Open House in February related to the OCP renewal.  You did such a great job recruiting very good speakers, presenting the topic in such an understandable and grass roots’ manner and providing an excellent forum for an inclusive dialogue with our residents and other interested parties.  I am sorry I couldn’t stay for the small group discussions but I have another commitment on behalf of the Mayor at U Vic tonight.

I learned a lot, I enjoyed the speakers and interaction with CAOB members and I really appreciate your efforts to support the work of Council to get a new OCP that reflects our changing community and its needs.  Many thanks for all you do on behalf of Oak Bay and I look forward to a continued working relationship with the Association. The Association is a real community asset that makes a significant contribution to our well-being as a complete community.

Kudos and please share this message in the event that I missed someone!  All the best.


Cairine Green


District of Oak Bay