École Willows School Bike Train to run Thursday, May 30th, 2013

To celebrate Bike to Work (and School) Week May 27-31, 2013, we are making two bike trains, led by the Oak Bay Police, Community Association of Oak Bay volunteers, and Members of Oak Bay Council. The trains will follow last year’s routes and stop along the maps below, picking up kids all the way to Willows School!

The South Oak Bay Train will leave Monterey Middle School at 8:15AM, and the North Oak Bay Train will be leaving Allenby Park at 8:15AM, both to arrive well in time for the 8:42AM bell. Both trains are scheduled to run on Thursday, May 30th, but we hope you’ll try keeping it running for the rest of the year…and beyond!

If you’ve never heard of a bike train, then check out this video to see one in Portland: http://vimeo.com/38385810

Bike to School Week Allenby Park to Willows School Bike Train

Bike to School Week Monterey Middle to Willows School Bike Train

Any questions? Contact Michelle Kirby at Michelle@MichelleKirby.ca, or Oak Bay Police Chief Mark Fisher at mfisher@oakbaypolice.org.

Councillor Michelle Kirby
District of Oak Bay