The agenda and meeting materials have been posted for the next Parks & Recreation Committee meeting, Wednesday June 5 at 7:00 pm at the Municipal Hall. An early item on the agenda is discussion of a report from a Commission working group recommending how to proceed to develop an urban forest strategy for Oak Bay, as requested by Council in January.

The report is included at the beginning of the attachment at the “Staff Reports” link beside the “Agenda” link. It defines the term “urban forest” and describes how the urban forest is important to our community, some things Oak Bay and community groups have done over recent years to value and protect the urban forest, how the urban forest has been declining under natural and development pressures, and why we need an urban forest strategy as a long-term plan to conserve and enhance this valuable, community resource. The report outlines what kinds of components we could expect to see in such a plan, as well as some resources available to support its development, and makes recommendations on how to proceed to complete the plan by 2014.
Please feel free to distribute to anyone you think may be interested. The meeting is open to the public.