Pop-Up Tourism Kiosk comes to Oak Bay

Who sells food to feed the seals? What is that mountain range across the water? Where do I go find a great local coffee shop? When do the night markets begin? Why are there logs along the beachfront? Where did the first nation’s people settle? What is a Garry Oak? Where is the closest washroom? Want answers to these and many other questions you might have when visiting Oak Bay, one of Greater Victoria’s 13 municipalities? Tourism Oak Bay and the Community Association of Oak Bay have collaborated in creating an ingenious method of finding answers to the above questions, and many more. Information about this most scenic region of southern Vancouver Island will be found on a bike driven, trailer pulling, Pop-Up mobile tourist information centre and bicycle emergency repair centre. The bike and trailer will provide up to the minute municipal tourist information. Community gatherings, from the University of Victoria to Gonzales Beach, from Mount Tolmie to the Oak Bay Marina will benefit with this movable info centre. The Kiosk will have a tablet computer to help answer questions about our community. The Oak Bay Community Green Map will be available on board! Cycling through Oak Bay along the very scenic Beach Drive is a year round activity and one in which will benefit greatly with the pop-up tourist info centre.

If you can spare a couple of hours on the weekend to promote Oak Bay contact tomcroft@telus.net.  Training will be provided.