Official Notice of 2013 Annual General Meeting

The Community Association of Oak Bay (COAB) is holding our Annual General Meeting at 1pm, Saturday, April 6th in the Rotary Room of Windsor Pavilion.

It is important that CAOB has a broad community wide membership as it is the mandate of the Association to represent the interests of ALL residents of Oak Bay. We perform a vital service to the community and have been involved with and hosted a wide variety of events, such as:

• All Candidates Meetings
• Co-Chair UVic Community Liaison Committee
• Harvest Pot Luck Dinners
• Annual Shore Clean-up
• Participate on Community Engagement Working Group
• Member of Active Transportation Committee – awareness of safe walking, cycling, and driving
• Member of OB Tourism Committee
• Earth Day Walk to Uplands Park with Friends of Uplands Park
• Bowker Creek Initiative – CAOB supported the $738,000 amount received for restoration
• Oak Bay High School Neighbourhood of Learning Forum
• Oak Bay Green Mapping Project – Now Available
• Published 11 issues of Oak Bay Connector – distributed in 7000 Oak Bay News

Our source of income this year will be from memberships, donations and sale of the Oak Bay Community Green Map. With a large community wide membership we will receive recognition by the Oak Bay Mayor and Municipal Council as a support organization for the community. The CAOB has received considerable recognition over the past four years, but only because of the size and broad representation of our Society.

We have purposely kept the membership fees as low as possible, just $10.00 (per individual). We sincerely hope you will renew/apply for membership at your earliest convenience to provide the CAOB with sufficient resources to carry out our mandate. We appreciate that most people are busy with work and family so we do not expect you to contribute your time to the CAOB unless you want to get involved and have fun. For more information about the CAOB please visit .

To become a member mail or drop your Name, Address, Email & Phone # to: 2758 Dunlevy St., Victoria, V8R 5Z5 or use PayPal at the CAOB web site – (go to – Connect-Become a Member). If by cheque, please make payable to Community Association of Oak Bay. Thank you for taking the time to read this email and for your membership application or renewal.

Tom Croft, President