This book edited by CAOB member Ms. Mahinder Doman recently received a BC Genealogical Society for Research/Family Research award. This book was also nominated for Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal 2012 and invited for Barnes Noble Historical Award USA.

Asian Indian soldiers first sojourned to Canada in the mid-1800s while enroute to England. Law did not permit Asian Indian women to immigrate to Canada from India to join their husbands. Even though they were British subjects, the law had to be amended at the Imperial War Conference following WW1 to allow their emigration here.

This anthology gives voice to some of their first daughter’s born 1900-1950 in Canada. The lives of these daughters are not recorded anywhere in Canadian history, women’s history etc.

These self-written short stories by some first daughters are rare, as are the 120 photographs interspersed in this 288-page first-of-its-kind book.

In addition, this is the centenary year to celebrate the first recorded arrival of three Asian Indian women to Canada albeit illegally. There is no other recorded information about them.

Edited by Ms. Mahinder (Minder) Doman