The Official Advisory Committee consists of Councillors Herbert, Green and Copley, Mayor Jensen (ex-officio) and six community members (Ms Gloria Back, Mr. John Graham, Mr. Mike Lloyd, Ms Jan Mears, Mr. Patrick Frey, and Mr. Will Moore). The Chair is Councillor Copley and the Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Mark Brennan, is the Secretary.

Its meetings are open to the public. Details as to time and place are posted on the Oak Bay website. Comments, suggestions and other input can be given to the Committee by corresponding with Councillor Copley (email: and asking her to forward your input to the other committee members.

The Committee has recently sent out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for “Consulting Services to Prepare an Official Community Plan (OCP)”. The OCP is attached to this update. The RFP states “It is expected that a consultation for a renewed OCP will allow the municipality to find out what residents want for their community over the next 20 years, and to tailor(sic) a renewed OCP accordingly”.

Given the nature of Oak Bay it is disappointing that the consultant’s “Deliverables” does not explicitly include a scientifically designed, conducted and interpreted questionnaire that many believe should be given to all community members. Such a document would seek input on suggested changes to our housing policy, heritage, et cetera. It is an obvious tool for any committee charged with “finding out what the residents want”. As noted above you can send your comments on this item and other aspects of the Committee’s work to Councillor Copley.

by Mike Wilmut
North Henderson Resident’s Association

Oak Bay OCP RFP November 2012