In March of this year Council and Staff developed a Strategic Priorities for Oak Bay.

Strategic Planning is an essential practice that assists municipalities in defining expectations for the future, guides in decision-making and, charts a course for dealing with changing conditions and community needs.

It is premised on the understanding that Council (and the organization) cannot control change but rather, they can merely attempt to respond to it by:

• Identifying Change- scanning the environment to determine key influences
• Understanding Change- determining significant matters to be addressed
• Dealing with Change- developing strategies that achieve desired results

Strategic Priority Setting is all about determining which strategic direc tions will be acted upon within limited capacity. The process focuses on the ‘NOW’ priorities. It also identifies those that will be acted upon ‘NEXT’ and ‘LATER’ .

To assist Council in establishing strategic priorities , the District of Oak Bay enlisted the services of Dr. Gordon Mcintosh of the Local Government Leadership Institute, to facilitate their priority setting session. This report summarizes the workshop outcomes and Council priorities.

The full report is available by clicking on this link. How are council and staff doing in meeting their plan?