Michael Hayes of the Hampshire Hill Neighbourhood Association sent this to the Association

Viewscape images of proposed Garry Oaks Village
Four short notes as we approach the June 27th date, at which time Oak bay Council is expected to make a decision on the Development Variance Application from Baptist Housing for redevelopment of Oak Bay Lodge:

1. If you have a submission to Council, which you wish to have included in Councilors’ meeting packages, your correspondence should be received by the Municipal Clerk by Monday, June 25th. Correspondence need not be lengthy, technical or academic. It can be as simple as how you feel about the issue, whether you choose to provide reasons or not. Regardless of where you stand on the question of allowing or denying the application for variance, Council has made it clear that it wants to hear from you. Letters can be emailed to: obcouncil@oakbay.ca, or dropped off at the Municipal Hall.

2. The Community Association of Oak Bay is still hosting an informal poll on the Oak bay Lodge redevelopment question. Visit their site at: http://oakbaycommunityassociation.org/ and cast your vote. At the moment, renovating and using the existing building seems to be the preferred solution.

3. A new website has been set up by residents in the area of Oak Bay Lodge. The site is being updated regularly, so you may want to stop by and see what’s new. http://dvsdata.com/news.html . If you have material you would like to see posted on the site, please contact Jan Van Sickle at: janevs@shaw.ca

4. The Council Meeting on June 27th will not hear submissions from the public on the Oak bay Lodge redevelopment tissue. Councilors will have a public discussion and vote on the matter. If you are interested in hearing the debate, the meeting will take place in Council Chambers at the Municipal Hall, starting at 7:30.
by Michael Hayes