Of special interest was the AGM’s keynote speaker Dr. Trevor Hancock, internationally renowned expert in the integration of community health and urban planning, a movement that has its roots in the 19th Century. Highlights of his presentation included “Did you know” facts such as:

•80% of us live in urban centers
•90% of our time is spent indoors
•5% of our time is spent in cars
•5% of our time is spent outdoors
•100% of our time is spent living in natural eco-systems

Dr. Hancock encourages us to “grow people, build community and protect nature.” He believes that governance is central to what we do (relates to community health, planning and development). When thinking about community, he stresses the importance of “capital,” meaning that we should grow human, social, natural and economic capital simultaneously. He talked about the significance of the following goals, using the quote that “A goal is a timeless statement of aspiration”:

•community involvement
•political commitment
•intersectoral partnerships
•healthy public policy

A final quote from his presentation states: “When inequality becomes too great, the idea of community becomes impossible.”

by Councillor Cairine Green