Though each councillor was appointed to a variety of committees, each has a primary portfolio:

• Public Works/Finance/Emergency Services Section (Coun. John Herbert) – Public works manages municipal infrastructure such as water, sewer, and waste disposal. The finance section oversees financial policy and co-ordinates the district’s budgeting process, while emergency services concerns Oak Bay’s fire and police departments.

• Land Use and Planning Section (Coun. Pam Copley) – Responsible for the administration and application of municipal land-use regulations, building permit process and zoning bylaws. Will play a key role in revising Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan.

• Parks and Recreation Section (Coun. Tara Ney) – Oversees Oak Bay’s five recreational facilities and numerous green spaces and handles many key environmental issues relating to the greening of the community.

• Active Transportation and Community Section (Coun. Michelle Kirby) – Will focus on strategies developed in the Oak Bay Active Transportation Plan, and other community initiatives.

• Environment and Regulatory Section (Coun. Kevin Murdoch) – Will look at ways the municipality can encourage things like green building, and other environmentally sustainable development practices.

• Heritage and Culture Section (Coun. Cairine Green) – Concerned with ensuring heritage issues are taken into account during all phases of municipal planning; preservation and promotion of heritage and cultural touchstones in Oak Bay.