I am sure that you agree that hate and desecration of sacred places do not
belong in our community and that people of goodwill must stand together to
discourage such behavior whenever our fellow Victorians are targeted.
On Sunday Jan 8 at 1:00pm Victorians will gather at the Jewish Cemetery of
Victoria for a positive affirmation of our commitment to respect, freedom
and inclusivity. (located at intersection Fernwood Road and Cedar Hill Road)

Sometime around Christmas five gravesites in the 152 year old Jewish
Cemetery (consecrated 1860) were defaced with hateful symbols and slogans.
Let’s stand together against these cowardly and hateful acts and show our
support for positive community relations.
Rabbi Harry Brechner will lead a brief vigil for respect and inclusivity in
our community, inviting community leaders to raise their voices in support
and bringing people together in positive action.
If you can join us you are most welcome. If you are unable to attend please
use your newsletter, blog, or other social media to join us in reminding
Victoria that if we value a healthy, safe and inclusive community we each
must take responsibility and do our part.
PLEASE re-circulate this message as widely as possible, let’s have a great
turnout and show how a healthy community reacts to hate crimes.
For further information and to send your messages of support please contact
Congregation Emanu-El info@congregationemanu-el.ca
or Rabbi Harry Brechner at