The Vancouver Sun did a lengthy front page story today on the just released Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) Municipal Watch 2011 Report.

The report’s major theme is that municipal spending is out of control (in the 2000-2009 period while the BC population grew by 12% spending grew by an average of 46 per cent after adjustment for inflation).

I would not be surprised is the TC picks up this item tomorrow as some of our local municipalities are significantly higher than the averages noted.

The CFIB analysis has some very serious short-comings (no examination of the variation in infrastructure costs, no examination of why the increases in small communities are disproportionally higher, no discussion of the transfers of services to local governments, no consideration of the service expectations of local communities, etc.) which are not noted. Nevertheless, in expectation that this may become an issue I would suggest that our message is that the report re-confirms the fiscally responsible approach taken by Oak Bay Council.

For the 2000-2009 period average the report notes that the real operating spending growth for Oak Bay was low (26%) compared to:

Saanich 30%
North Saanich 51%
Esquimalt 43%
Victoria 30%
Colwood 81%
Langford 88%
Sooke 240%