On Monday November 14th, Oak Bay Council will be voting on variance requests associated with the redevelopment of the Oak Bay Lodge seniors’ care facility on Cadboro Bay Road. The project’s chief advantage is that it will retain a large seniors’ care facility in Oak Bay, enhancing (but not guaranteeing) the chance that Oak Bay Residents will be able to live out their final years in Oak Bay and thereby be more connected to their friends, family and familiar surroundings. The project’s other advantage includes the retention of the property in public hands for future use.

The project’s chief disadvantage is the very large size of the building. At six stories, the building is sited very close to Cadboro Bay Road. This development will, undoubtedly, change the character of North Oak Bay/Estevan area. It’s second shortcoming is that the project fails to maintain the campus of care model – a model that allows spouses to remain in the same building even when their needs differ and allows seniors to remain in the same building when their needs change.

The immediate neighbours are not the only citizens who will be affected by this development. Every citizen of Oak Bay will be subject to the outcome. The CAOB encourages citizens to attend and express their views on Monday evening.