Submitted by Sonja Ruthe, Oak Bay Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Join US! Oak Bay Municipal staff, emergency program volunteers and community schools, preschools, churches, organizations, businesses, individuals and families will participate in The Great British Columbia ShakeOut on January 26 at 10:00 AM.

There are currently over 260,000 British Columbians who have registered and will “Drop, Cover and Hold On” on January 26th. We will be part of the largest earthquake drill in Canadian history! To Register and learn more about how to protect yourself and get prepared during an earthquake go to Send us your pictures and stories to

Who is Registered in Our Region
You can visit this page to see who in our region is registered.

Media Inquiries
The Oak Bay Emergency Program would like to know whether your group/school/organization might be interested in having media attend your event. We have no control over what they chose to cover, but we would like to give them various options at the local level. Please advise Dave Cockle of what you are doing and whether you are interested ASAP. This could then go into a local press release.

Check the website for a variety of great materials (posters, fliers for various groups, other information). It is found at

Drill Audio File
The ShakeOut website now includes the audio file that can be played during the drill. It can be found here.
The file can be saved to your local computer. The drill broadcast text is also available if you choose to not use the audio file, but instead have someone at your school read out the drill text.

Regional Drill Broadcast – New!!
CFAX 1070 has agreed to broadcast the earthquake drill at 10am on January 26th. This is a great place to suggest people tune in and listen.

How Can You Help
We still need people to push out the ShakeOut message and encourage other organizations and individuals to participate. Please consider using your networks to encourage others to participate.
We will update you on other ShakeOut information as it comes available. We have less than 2 weeks now until the drill.

Tell Us What You are Doing
One of the great things you can do is brag a bit. Tell us what you have planned for 10am on January 26th. We would like to post your events to the ShakeOut website as well as to the Oak Bay Emergency Program website. If you do not want it posted that is ok – let us know what you are doing anyway and we will at least have an idea of the level of involvement from across our region, but keep your secret.