The Community Association of Oak Bay hosted an Active Transportation Forum on November 25th, 2010. At that time, a report card was written on our current status with regard to active transportation options in Oak Bay, and we think you might be interested in our community’s progress, as compared to those around us.

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Does our community have walkable and multi-use pathways?

North-south routes in Oak Bay are few, with limited crosswalks, and no official community plans for improvement;

  • Foul Bay Avenue, from Fort Street to Lansdowne: 1, 600 metres – 3 crosswalks – 530 metres between crosswalks
    North Henderson – 1,100 metres – 3 crosswalks – 360 metres between crosswalks.
  • Arterial road sidewalks, e.g. north Henderson, Oak Bay Avenue, and Foul Bay Road (Oak Bay Ave to Fort Street) are narrow and do not meet Transportation Association of Canada standards for minimum width
  • Better connections needed to proposed Neighborhood Learning Centre, the Recreation Centre, all weather field, and proposed Performing Arts Theatre
  • Oak Bay has committed $1.0 million to Theatre funding
  • Photos showing experience of walking from Oak Bay Ave. to proposed Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Oak Bay Recreation Centre, Performing Arts Theatre, etc: 2009 – walking through the canyon, 2010 – walking through snow and ice

  • Municipality of Oak Bay actions November 2009 to 2010:

  • Various pedestrian/cycling improvement motions were discussed at Council and none approved
  • A Request for Proposal for active transportation master plan for the municipality is a work in progress of the Community Initiatives Committee
  • A bike shelter was constructed outside the Greater Victoria Public Library branch and Monterey Centre
  • Estevan merchants petitioned the municipality to add more bike racks in Estevan village. One bike rack was installed.

  • Budgets and expenditures, Oak Bay municipality:


    Oak Bay municipality made two grant application proposals to the Province of BC and the Government of Canada for transportation infrastructure in last 5 years:

  • Received $54,781 from Local Motion BC for bike lanes on north Henderson Rd and north-east corner of Foul Bay Rd and Lansdowne.
  • Received $321,000 from Build Canada Fund for repaving 700 metres of Beach Drive, between King George Terrace and Newport Rd.
  • Source: Municipal Clerk and Province of BC Local Motion Website


    Effective Steps by Other Municipalities:

    1. Do the Planning
    2. Adopt the Policies
    3. Submit the Proposals
    4. Receive the Funding
    5. Build the Connections to local and regional networks

    2010 AND BEYOND

    A summary of the activities, initiatives and results of other municipalities in Greater Victoria are highlighted below:

    Central Saanich – 2010:
    Population 16,000
    $575,000 Local Motion Grant
    Bicycle lanes on both sides of East Saanich Road and separate walking path near Peninsula Recreation Centre
    Largest roadway improvement in recent years
    Completed September, 2010
    Population 16,000
    East Saanich Road – 2.7 km from Island View Road to Cultia Ave
    Total Cost is $7.0 million
    Build Canada Fund pays $4.66 million
    2.7 kilometre roadway will provide separate bike lanes, and separate walking trail
    Includes sidewalks and bus stops
    Completion scheduled for March 2012

    View Royal – 2010:
    Population: 9000
    CRD Travel Choices 2007 – 2011
    Island Highway – Admirals to Colwood Interchange – $15.0 million
    E&N Rail Trail Project – 11.0 Million
    2 photos showing major benefits for all roadway users
    View Royal Official Community Plan
    Adopted revised OCP on April 1st, 2010
    Roads designated a “community resource” for benefit of all users
    Neighborhood-wide planning – not each problem in isolation
    Pedestrian access and movement to be enhanced
    Quantifiable, measurable goals set
    10 Year Cycling Action Plan endorsed
    Links with neighboring municipalities and
    Part of regional network
    Bicycle parking, showers, lockers, change rooms.

    Saanich – 2010
    Population: 109,000
    Multiple Use Trail / Roadway
    Completed 2010
    San Juan Greenway
    East to West Connector Route
    UVIC to Tyndall Soccer Fields
    Shelbourne Street to Lochside Trail
    Safe and convenient for pedestrians, students, teams and cyclists
    Local Motion Billboard – Total Cost $1.1 million

    Langford – 2010
    Official Opening of Goldstream Village
    Pedestrian and Cycling Friendly
    Using Traffic Circle as Key Feature
    Reduces overall accidents and reduces pollution
    Improves safety for cyclists and pedestrians
    Langford received ICBC Grant for $78,000 to pay for new Traffic Circle with Fountain
    (Source: Claire Eraut – Oak Bay Resident, Former Deputy Superintendent of Motor Vehicles 1994 – 1998)
    No curbs which allows more movement and improved pedestrian safety, Light up crosswalk included in project

    Victoria – One Block Away from Oak Bay
    Small traffic circles used to reduce speed and avoid accidents
    Allenby and Dean intersection
    Bike route to Camosun College
    Park with children’s play area
    Bay Street cross-town route upgrades to Royal Jubilee Hospital

    CRD Finishes 5 Year Investment Plan in 2011

    Rails to Trails Project: $11.0 million
    CRD Ped Cycling Master Plan: $150,000
    Esquimalt Craigflower Rd: $8.0 million
    View Royal & Island Hwy: $15.0 million


    Bike BC Cycling Infrastructures Partnerships Program (CIPP)

    This cost-shared program to funds new cycling paths and multiple use trails, with a goal to reducing traffic congestion and green house gas emissions. The program has $31 million over three years. Deadline for applications: Sept. 1st, 2010 for this year.

    CIPP Funding – North Vancouver

  • Spirit Trail between Lions Gate Bridge and Sea bus Terminal
  • Separated bike path $1.25 million for 1.4 km
  • Kings Mill Park, $750,000 for 1 km. trail.
  • CIPP Funding – City of Kelowna:

  • $475,000 to improve corridors in Glenmore and South Kelowna
  • Multi-use pathway to UBC Okanagan campus, $2.0 million for 1.8 km