The rebuild of Oak Bay High School next year will give us an energy efficient, earthquake-safe, beautiful new building, but we have the opportunity for even more! With strong community support, we could also gain desperately needed capital funding for child care spaces, while also ensuring we don’t lose our theatre with the demolition of the old school.

If you support the application for a Neighbourhood Learning Centre to be apart of the new Oak Bay High, then please write a letter/email of support to our MLA, Ida Chong to let her know just how much the community is behind this application.

To help you, we’ve written the following template letter. Please copy and paste it into an email, and customize it how you wish.



Dear Minister Chong,

Oak Bay has an incredible opportunity to see additional funding added to the overall redevelopment package of our new high school next year. Neighbourhood Learning Centre funds can add up to 15% to the budget of the project, which could mean up to $5 Million towards building the new Oak Bay High, while fulfilling the need for some capital projects in our community.

I think we need these funds to go towards:

1. A 450 seat theatre, to replace the one that will be torn down with the old school,
2. Age appropriate, earthquake safe daycare, before and after school care spaces, and a new teen centre,
3. A community kitchen to provide an affordable space for families and community to gather and share a potluck, or have canning parties, learn about food security issues, and take cooking classes,
4. Community access to multipurpose rooms for affordable meeting spaces.

Please support this exciting opportunity for Oak Bay High School and our community.