Jill Croft, founding member of the Community Association of Oak Bay, and the CAOB Administrative Assistant, is now a prize winning letter writer.

Jill submitted a letter to Momentum Magazine about her family’s Progressive Christmas Dinner. She described how her family cycled or walked (or in some cases car-pooled) from house to house for each segment of their Christmas Dinner. For her effort, Jill won a beautiful Brooks bag. Congratulations Jill! That’s some sweet swag to carry your CAOB membership sign-up sheets around town.


You can read her letter here, and gather some inspiration to try it out with your family for your next holiday celebration!

Not only was the story shared through Momentum, a superb North American cycling magazine, it was also front page news on Christmas Day in Oak Bay.

Jill and Tom

Congratulations Jill, and thanks for the inspiration! There are going to be more cyclists in our community this year, because of your enthusiastic example!