Submitted by Gail Price-Douglas

Summary of Neighbourhood Meeting held March 6, 2010

On Saturday, March 6, 2010, a group of nine residents of Armstrong Avenue met with Garret Brisdon, Vice-Principal of Oak Bay High School, Nils Jensen and Tara Ney, Oak Bay Municipal Councillors and Jill and Tom Croft of the Oak Bay Community Association to discuss the redevelopment of Oak Bay High School.

Invitations to attend this informal meeting were extended to the residents of Armstrong Avenue and Cranmore Street, as they are adjacent to the School and are most affected by OBHS activities; it was felt that they should discuss the redevelopment plans and the possible impact on them.

A short presentation was made by Nils Jensen, followed by a discussion of a number of issues thought to be important to neighbourhood residents. The issues brought forward included (details are attached):

  • location and design of the new school
  • community use of buildings and fields
  • parking
  • location of the all-weather field
  • use of the soccer field, running track and nearby field
  • noise levels
  • Bowker Creek development
  • crime prevention
  • use of a planning consultant

Redevelopment of Oak Bay High School, at a cost of some $53 million plus, is likely to be the most important building project in Oak Bay for the foreseeable future. As such, it was felt that the project’s architects and planners should work closely with the School District, High School, Oak Bay Municipality and concerned neighbourhood residents as all are important stakeholders in this development.

In this regard, we respectfully submit our ideas and concerns to the Board of School District 61, Oak Bay High School, Oak Bay Municipality and the Community Association of Oak Bay for their review and consideration.


Gail Price-Douglas and J. Ross Peters
Armstrong Avenue Residents