Contributed by Lesley Ewing

Oak Bay Municipal Council is soliciting expressions of interest from individuals who wish to volunteer their time as members of the Community Initiatives Committee specifically as members of an Alternative Transportation sub-committee.

There are no formal terms of reference for the Community Initiatives Committee or the proposed sub-committee. However, the group will be tasked with focusing on alternative transportation priorities and proposed improvements for Oak Bay Village, including issues such as sidewalk widening, parking, potential cycling lanes and beautification, and making recommendations to Oak Bay Municipal Council in this regard.

Councilor Herbert is Chair of the Community Initiatives Committee. Also on the Committee are Councilors Braithwaite and Jensen, along with Mayor Causton.

Individuals interested in serving on the Community Initiatives Committee and the above described sub-committee should submit letters to the Municipal Clerk, including any pertinent information that may assist Council in making the appointments, by February 16, 2010: Loranne Hilton, Municipal Clerk, District of Oak Bay, 2167 Oak Bay Ave., Victoria, BC, V8R 1G2. Tel: 250-598-3311/ Fax: 250-598-9108

This is an exciting opportunity to make a signficant contribution to important work with respect to alternative transportation infrastructure in Oak Bay. Our community members are currently placed at risk by narrow dangerous sidewalks, a severe lack of crosswalks on arterial roads, such as Foul Bay and Cadboro Bay Roads, and safe cycling routes for young and old alike. Your contribution to the newly formed sub-committee can help keep our community members safe and mobile and generate improvements that link to those made by adjacent municipalities of Victoria and Saanich.