Contributed by Gerald Smeltzer, Director of Community Planning, CAOB

Here is some good news from Parks and Recreation Oak Bay. Lorne Middleton has confirmed the plans and timing for a second covered bike shelter at Monterey Centre.

The Oak Bay Library has the highest circulation of all the branch libraries in Victoria, and attracts lots of cycling seniors, moms, dads, and children. The Monterey Centre is also a popular gathering spot.

This new shelter will expand bicycle parking in Oak Bay. Parks and Recreation OB is moving ahead with a second bike shelter at Monterey Centre and OB Library. Similar to the first one at Oak Bay Recreation Centre, it will provide two new Cora racks, and shelter for previously soaked cyclists.

Parks and Rec have proceeded with a cleared gravel space in the Monterey Centre parking lot, and temporary re-location of existing bicycle racks. Lorne Middleton, Parks and Recreation Manager, is working out solutions to relocating the old racks, and dealing with space for the Library delivery truck. Lorne thinks that project completion might be towards the end of March. .

Please support Parks and Recreation for taking a leadership role in this worthwhile project. At the end of the work, Oak Bay will benefit from an overall expansion of bicycle parking.