Thanks to Lesley Ewing at Safer Cycling Oak Bay for recording and sharing this list of projects that were identified by the attendees of the Active Transportation Forum last weekend. The list is not prioritized, but simply grouped by geographic area.


Major routes to Monterey and Willows schools require safe bike lanes, i.e. Musgrave to Dalhousie, Dalhousie to St. Anne, St. Anne – Monterey through McNeil to Monterey School

Oak Bay Ave (Village area from Monterey Ave. to Foul Bay Rd.) to be remediated to a Complete Street (i.e. accommodate all users: pedestrians, cyclists, public transit, vehicles)

Oak Bay Village: Car-free days. Close Oak Bay Ave. between Monterey and Elgin to vehicle traffic (commercial delivery trucks and buses excepted)

Elgin Street: Add sidewalk on east side, from church to Public Works Yard (@ walkthrough to Rec. Centre/OB High School.)

Foul Bay Rd @ Lansdowne: Bike box (aka advanced stop line) required on south-east corner of Foul Bay Rd. approach to Lansdowne Rd (northbound). Bike lanes stop at Middowne Rd.

Foul Bay Rd from Middowne to Lansdowne: Add bike lane, along with bike box (above)

Foul Bay Rd between Fort St and Lansdowne. Crosswalks grossly inadequate. Need additional crosswalks to compensate for long distances between traffic lights. Existing crosswalks: Fort St. to Haultain 400 metres; Haltain to Carnarvon 400 metres; Carnarvon to Neil St. 300 metres; Neil St. to Lansdowne 500 metres.

Foul Bay Rd between Oak Bay Ave and Fort St: Narrow road with narrow sidewalks. Restrict parking, add bike lanes, widen sidewalk.

Foul Bay Rd @ Haultain: Restrict vehicle traffic access (as has been done in Victoria’s part of Haultain @ Richmond, and @ Shelbourne, etc.)

Windsor Rd by Windsor Park: Bike lanes and crosswalks needed to support use of park and mitigate vehicle traffic volumes on Windsor Rd.

North end of Esplanade at Willows Beach needs to be better connected to Cattle Point. Stairs difficult or impossible for infant strollers/wheelchairs/cyclists. Muddy side trail steep and narrow – dangerous.

Estevan/Musgrave intersection (5 point intersection): Requires roundabout, or blocking west side of Estevan & Hamiota access to mitigate traffic conflicts.

Cadboro Bay Rd & Dalhousie
: requires traffic mitigation, e.g. roundabout

Cadboro Bay Rd from Foul Bay Rd towards OB High School and beyond: add bike lanes to Cedar Hill X Road. Cadboro Bay Rd., between Estevan and north to Cedar Hill X is very wide – causes vehicle speeding; is wide enough for bike lanes, and edestrian access very poor.

Cedar Hill X Rd : Continue bike lanes from Saanich border (@ Gordon Head Rd.) along Cedar Hill X Rd. to Cadboro Bay Rd. (UVic & Henderson Recreation Centre route)

Signage for trails and passages that cut through from one street to another (but frequently signed as No Exit for vehicles). See Passageways in Oak Bay

Covered bike parking at major centres, i.e. Henderson Rec Centre, Monterey Centre/Library, Village centre. Supply does not meet demand.

Beach Drive (seaside touring route): Car-free days periodically (e.g. monthly).

Seaside route: Bike lanes added to seaside touring route from Victoria border (King George Terrace) though to Uplands.

UVic bike trail: sign & prepare bike trail to continue north end of Woodburn Ave., along east border of Uplands School property & Henderson Rec. Centre & north into UVic.

North Henderson Rd: sidewalks too narrow, below TAC standard for arterial Rd. Need to be minimum 2 metres wide.

South Henderson Rd from Foul Bay to Haultain: create Bike Boulevard to facilitate bike traffic.