On Saturday, November 7, come join the Community Association of Oak Bay for its Active Transportation Forum, a first in the municipality.

The four-hour forum, titled Walking, Bicycling, Transit and Public Spaces: Creating the Future in Oak Bay, will be open to the public and feature presentations by municipal Councillors, a regional planner, representatives from the local school district, and other citizen groups.

“This event provides an opportunity for residents to offer opinions about the future shape of their community and to hear about significant projects in Oak Bay and the Victoria region,” said Gerald Smeltzer, Director of Community Planning for the Community Association of Oak Bay.

“We are looking for good ideas for creating public spaces to bring people together, keeping everyone mobile and active, spurring economic development, and ensuring our most vulnerable populations, the elderly and the young, can walk and bike safely,” he explained. “Pedestrian and bicycle improvements are also amongst the best projects for ‘bang for the buck’ where small changes can have big impacts.”

Speakers at the Active Transportation Forum will include:
• Oak Bay Councillors Pam Copley and Nils Jensen, discussing the transportation opportunities and challenges facing the municipality, including the $52.4-million Oak Bay High School construction project;
Sue Hallett, Senior Planner at the CRD, outlining the 2010 Regional Walking and Cycling Master Plan;
Corey Burger, Project Manager of the Oak Bay Bicycle Master Plan, giving a status update on the plan;
Michelle Kirby, Director of Special Events for the Community Association of Oak Bay and École Willows School Parent, and Chris Harvey, Deputy Superintendent School District 61, discussing how to create safe routes to Willows and Monterey schools.

This public event will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2009, from 10 am to 2 pm, at the Windsor Park Pavilion, Sports Rooms 1 and 2.

To secure a seat, and share your ideas, please email Malene Foyd at mfoyd@shaw.ca.